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Our Mission: “Elevating children with special needs to reach their full potential by providing access to the resources and support they need to improve their families’ overall quality of life.”

Organizational History: Committed medical professionals, families of children with special needs, and community members established Elevations in 2012 to assist children age 0 – 18 with special needs who could be helped by therapy but who have limited or no resources to meet the cost. Elevations provides two funding cycles for Spokane County families per year to cover the cost of speech, physical, occupational, nutritional, and other therapy services, as well as specialized equipment or programs not covered by insurance. Qualifying children require a recommendation from a licensed provider.

Impact: By providing access to care, our program elevates children to reach their full potential. Imagine knowing that there are proven therapies or home equipment that can help your child but your insurance company only covers a portion or none at all and you are unable to afford necessary interventions that you have seen benefit your child. Insurance funding can be limited to insufficient numbers of visits, high deductibles and co-pays, or beneficial therapies and equipment that are not covered by insurance. We strengthen families by relieving the stress caused by heartbreaking decisions between buying groceries and paying for needed therapies and services.

Impact Story: “Hearing the news that one of our sons would have a permanent life-long disability was a crushing and heartbreaking event. We didn’t appreciate the gravity of the situation until his twin brother began to run around and play and talk to us, while “P” was relegated to our arms or the floor. Bathing was difficult, and being a part of social gatherings was nigh-on impossible. We received a very generous and life-altering gift from Elevations in the form of a Firefly Friends Go-to-seat and Splashy. The Go-To-Seat has enabled us to share experiences and “P” with family members like never before. He was unable to sit unassisted previously, and now he can participate and be a part of everything like his brother. The Splashy was also a remarkable change. Bath time went from a tedious chore to a time to form precious memories. “P” has the ability to play in the tub with his brother without worrying about him slipping under the water. The sight of them splashing together and laughing is a gift greater than words can express. Our family was forever changed in a positive way from this experience …” The cost of the two specialized seats was approximately $850.00.

Sample Requests: A seven-year-old little girl reached an insurance lifetime for occupational therapy. This little girl still needs additional therapy and without assistance, the family may not be able to continue the recommended course of treatment. This is in addition to also receiving speech therapy sessions. Occupational therapy sessions are approximately $88.00 each.

Sometimes insurance will cover medical visits but the parents are on their own at home. One request was for a home swing and scooter board to help their three-year-old gain strength between therapy visits. This will also help self-sooth the child and reduce the overall family stress. The total is around $600.00.

Another family asked for help with co-pays for occupational therapy. At $50, the family just cannot afford to adhere to a weekly-recommended schedule.

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Elevations is recognized by the IRS as a 501(3)(c) so your donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.